You home is your asset protecting it with a professional hard-wired CCTV Installation from Homeland Security Solutions.

Properties with no security measures are 5 times more likely to get burgled than those with security measures in place.

CCTV is a very powerful useful tool when fighting against crime. CCTV offers an amazing visual deterrent – footage may be used for proof against anti-social behavior, theft, burglary and vandalism – saving you thousands in the long-term.

We know having CCTV in our homes and businesses may be a no brainer, to protect you against theft, anti-social behavior and having peace of mind.

• CCTV helps to discourage thieves
• View remote locations, together with multiple locations
• Use CCTV to monitor elders or family in care
• Provide CCTV to the law to secure a prosecution

We do prefer to visit your property so we can give you a proper ‘quote’. Calling over the phone would only be a rough estimate this is due to us not seeing the property and not knowing what difficulties we can come across.

We can’t guarantee you will never be targeted, but what we can guarantee is, that we will use our expertise and knowledge in ensuring that the intruder knows your property is covered. Prevention is better than a cure.

Homeland Security Solutions only install Hikvision equipment the DVR/NVR (Digital / Network Video Recorder), which can be placed discreetly in your home and record continuously having that peace of mind that your cameras are recording 24 hours a day, day after day is vital.

All of our systems include remote viewing through the smart app ivms-4500 or Hik-connect on your mobile phone or tablet as standard (providing you have internet connection) These devices will be set up for you on there is no contracts no monthly fees or hidden extras that you have to pay for.

At the end of your installation our leading engineer we show you how to use your new system to ensure you are able to use your system with ease.