Why Get Business CCTV

Staff Collusion

Even your most trusted employee may also guilty of stealing your profits. It’s an undeniable fact that one employee will eat, drink and smoke their way through approximately £100’s of profit monthly. Multiply that by the quantity of staff, you could be losing thousand’s a year. CCTV will drastically reduce this.

Why Get Home CCTV


Although there are not any guarantees that putting in a Home CCTV System can reduce your insurance premiums, there’s a possibility it will Several insurance firms may offer a discount if your property has some security measures in place. In an unfortunate event that your property is burgled or criminal damaged, you’ll have caught the culprit on camera – all the proof you wish to make claim for loss or damage.

CCTV Installation

You home is your asset protecting it with a professional hard-wired CCTV Installation from Homeland Security Solutions.

Properties with no security measures are 5 times more likely to get burgled than those with security measures in place.

CCTV is a very powerful useful tool when fighting against crime. CCTV offers an amazing visual deterrent – footage may be used for proof against anti-social behavior, theft, burglary and vandalism – saving you thousands in the long-term.

Security Checklist

Burglary is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Every 20 seconds a house gets broken in on a global scale. More often than not, these crimes occur during the daytime when properties are empty. There are several factors that can attract a potential burglar to a particular property, such as an open window, which can be easily noticed from across the street, acting as an open invitation. The good news is you can make your property less susceptible to burglaries by following these simple tips.