Having had an installation from us previously, this customer knew the benefits of a professionally installed CCTV system on his home. So when he purchased his brand new home he knew that a CCTV system was essential to secure his home and family. He contacted us prior to moving into the new property and provided us with photos of the house so we could advise accordingly on the amount of cameras required.

We established that four cameras would be most suited in this scenario to ensure all angles and entry points were covered. The customer then placed his order securely via our website and chose an installation that suited him after receiving the keys to his new home. We then arrived on the day and performed the installation of a 4 x Camera 5MP ColorVu Hikvision CCTV System in just one day. We only perform one installation per day, so there was no rushing this one.

On completion of the installation, we delivered our tutorial and left the customer happy with the new system

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