Staff Collusion

Even your most trusted employee may also guilty of stealing your profits. It’s an undeniable fact that one employee will eat, drink and smoke their way through approximately £100’s of profit monthly. Multiply that by the quantity of staff, you could be losing thousand’s a year. CCTV will drastically reduce this.

Commercial Burglary

Burglary is increasing across the United Kingdom, and business premises of all sizes became prime targets for crooks. From laptop and office equipment to machinery and tools, targeting business properties is more and more being favored by burglars, as a result of it provides them with a bumper pay day compared to domestic dwellings

Vandalism & Criminal Damage

As a business owner or industrial businessman, senseless vandalism or criminal damage may not have crossed your mind as one thing that may – or might – happen to your property. The fact is, though, it’s the second most common crime against businesses. Second only to A commercial burglary.

Insurance Premiums & Protection

As a business owner, property owner or commercial proprietor, you’ll be aware that insurance premiums are substantial. Installing a CCTV System and extra commercial security measures may end up in a lower monthly or annual premium, depending on your insurance provider. Moreover, CCTV can even defend you from dishonorable insurance claims – like ‘injury at work’ claims – created by employees, suppliers or, guests.


Shoplifting has reached epidemic proportions within the UK. on a daily basis your profits are walking out of the door, leading to higher costs and lost sales. Given the proper chance, even the foremost innocent wanting person can steal. Even the littlest stores report up to £100’s in losses monthly thanks to theft.

Staff Protection

Are you doing enough to make sure the security of your employees within and outdoors of your business? If a robbery results in an employee being in injured, are you ready to defend yourself from the inevitable industrial injuries claim.