Why Get Home CCTV


Although there are not any guarantees that putting in a Home CCTV System can reduce your insurance premiums, there’s a possibility it will Several insurance firms may offer a discount if your property has some security measures in place. In an unfortunate event that your property is burgled or criminal damaged, you’ll have caught the culprit on camera – all the proof you wish to make claim for loss or damage.


We all wish our homes and families to be safe. No matter if it’s children at home alone, a weekend away, or simply peace of mind. The reasons for wanting a home device are as varied as every family’s situation.


Dwellings with a Home CCTV System put in are statistically safer, and less likely to be broken into by criminal intruders. Why? One of the most reasons lies within the visual deterrent CCTV cameras offer once installed. What an intruder would really want to be caught on camera within the act?


Shoplifting has reached epidemic proportions within the UK. on a daily basis your profits are walking out of the door, leading to higher costs and lost sales. Given the proper chance, even the foremost innocent wanting person can steal. Even the littlest stores report up to £100’s in losses monthly thanks to theft.

Staff Protection

Last year alone, according domestic burglaries within the United Kingdom rose by over 30%. This sharp increase was the highest rise in over a decade – and it’s presently showing no signs of slowing down. Be safe, not sorry. Boost your home’s security with a Home CCTV System from Homeland Security Solutions.